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I am a personal coach, keynote speaker and the founder and curator of Awesome Walkers.

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More Than 18 Years of Experience in Walking with People

Coach Samir Geepee

Samir Geepee, is a professional Transformation Coach. He brings together a vast expertise and exposure to professional one-to-one & group coaching engagements that allows him to empathize with different scenarios from a practical point of view.

His trainings in Neuro-Linguistic Programming methods, ability to adapt to new scenarios, unique manner of looking at challenges, coupled with an international exposure having travelled to more than 18 countries, help his clients to identify their true purpose and progress towards their goals with an infectious zeal.

Why Walk With Me

Why Walk With Me

You have a goal. You have the skill, talent and resolve to achieve the goal, or you are willing to work on those. This almost sounds like soccer. In sports the team has a coach, and even the best players got theirs. Coaches help the team and players to achieve their full potential.

In your personal or corporate life, the games people play are different. Coaches are trained to understand the behavioral and organizational patterns and make changes. And with vast life experiences in multi-cultural environments enable us to make a difference in your life.

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Coaching can inspire and motivate people to learn, change, and be effective leaders, among other roles in life.

Don't tell people your dreams. Show them.

Awesome Walkers

Awesome Walkers are the ones amongst us who walk their talk, who create a difference in the communities that we live in by doing what they do, and doing it with a huge scoop of awesomeness!

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samir@samirgeepee.com +971 56 755 4850 #806, Fortune Executive Tower,
Cluster T, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, UAE

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